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The Power of a Heartfelt Compliment



My friend and I were walking  towards my classroom yesterday afternoon when she suddenly stopped, made eye contact with a security guard and said to her in a loud voice, “YOU SHOULD BE A TEACHER!” In that moment, my friend changed that young woman’s life. I do not know how my friend sensed it or if she had at all, but she had just provided the words of encouragement this younger woman had been needing. The young woman told us she had always wanted to be a teacher but had felt discouraged until that moment we walked by (and looked into her eyes). …Such is the power of acknowledgement!

Today I sat in a coffee shop sipping my coffee when my cell phone rang. I did not recognize the number. It was a coworker who has a friend who is a school principal. He told me he was trying to help his friend recruit good teachers and thought I should talk to his friend. I was extremely touched that this seasoned teacher thought of me (though I have already signed an employment contract in another county). This was a memorable phone call for me because I’m human and like to hear good things about me sometimes.

Have you given or be given a compliment lately? Has a compliment ever changed your life or the life of someone you know?

Faith is….


This will be final week as a teacher for at least a year while I finish my behavior analysis certification. I loved just about every moment of teaching and am going to make this break worth every minute and every penny: learn as much as I can to be an even better more resourceful teacher. 






You are not the person you were a few moments ago.
And, you are not the person you will be, a few moments from now.
You are only who you are, right this very second.
You may look the same and feel the same.
Yet, in the all that is and that was and will be,
Time moves forward and with that so do we.
Work on today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
And what of yesterday? It is gone.

See you in the future. 🙂

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Taking a Risk: Would you take a $30K paycut to learn something new?



In about a week, my life will be completely different. I will no longer be able to tell people “I’m a teacher.” I’ll be living in a different town, with different people. I’ll be driving a different car. Instead of students, I will have clients. I’ll be working Monday through Saturday instead of Monday through Friday. I’ll be spending more, but I’ll be making less: $30,000 less per year. Granted the benefits and pay at this new job are much better than most agencies of this kind and this job title offer, but I keep looking at my life in shock. What happened? This is what I really wanted? Am I really taking a $30 K pay cut to learn something new? For this kind of pay cut, I better have a very stable career after two years, some children’s books published or a Mr. Right that I will meet and marry and then we’ll quit our jobs and go traveling! Haha! Or maybe I’ll just be much better at teaching and much better at meditating and yoga, as I intend to devote a good part of my mornings to it. I admit to being inconsistent with it thus far in my life. I’m more excited that I’ll live in a suite again in a month and that  I met an attorney at a workshop and I’ll be volunteering at this attorney’s office during my spare time after I move down there than I am about the pay cut and the job. I hope to return to teaching after learning for two years at this lower paid job with kids with more challenges, but only time will tell. This is a new adventure and I should be excited, but I find myself worried and stressed instead. I hope I am making the right choice.


PS. It occurs to me if I were taking this large paycut to study and/or teach yoga, I’d have few qualms about it. I definitely need to study yoga after I finish the certification I am currently working on!!!! For now, I just need a more consistent practice/ abhyasa !!!!!!!


Establishing a Meditation Practice Part I: Laying the Foundation


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This week begins a week-long series about establishing a meditation practice. I decided to write about this because many of my friends have been asking for advice on how to start meditating and different techniques for meditation.

In my experience, establishing a meditation practices has six steps.

  • Laying the Foundation
  • Nurturing our Experience
  • Learning Gateways to Presence
  • Practicing the Process
  • Deepening the Journey
  • Tasting the Fruits

Today, I am going to talk about Laying the Foundation. In my opinion, there are two main roots in meditation. The first is what we intuit and the second is what science tells us.

What we Intuit:

Take a few moments to reflect using the meditation below:

Think about a time where you felt deep peace.
Imagine all of the sensations (what do you see, hear, and feel?)
Take a mental snapshot of the moment and set it as an anchor.
Stay with…

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You Are What You Drive


What do you think the state of your car reveals about you? Your desk? House?

Not the car, per se. I am not particularly interested in what make or model you drive. Although lots of people think that their choice of car reflects their sense of style, their status, or their virility, many of us simply want a safe and reliable means of transportation. Many more of us have to, and embrace the idea of, settling for what we can afford, so we own used cars or smaller, more economic models. That’s not my point.

I have this theory that your car reflects your approach to taking care of business: your job, your attention to detail, how well organized you are in general. I knew a recruiter once who used to send someone out to observe applicants’ cars. If they were well cared for and well organized, she would tend to believe them when they talked about being organized on the job. But if the…

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