You Are What You Drive


What do you think the state of your car reveals about you? Your desk? House?

Your Work, Your Way

Not the car, per se. I am not particularly interested in what make or model you drive. Although lots of people think that their choice of car reflects their sense of style, their status, or their virility, many of us simply want a safe and reliable means of transportation. Many more of us have to, and embrace the idea of, settling for what we can afford, so we own used cars or smaller, more economic models. That’s not my point.

I have this theory that your car reflects your approach to taking care of business: your job, your attention to detail, how well organized you are in general. I knew a recruiter once who used to send someone out to observe applicants’ cars. If they were well cared for and well organized, she would tend to believe them when they talked about being organized on the job. But if the…

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