Establishing a Meditation Practice Part I: Laying the Foundation


spirit, mind, matter

This week begins a week-long series about establishing a meditation practice. I decided to write about this because many of my friends have been asking for advice on how to start meditating and different techniques for meditation.

In my experience, establishing a meditation practices has six steps.

  • Laying the Foundation
  • Nurturing our Experience
  • Learning Gateways to Presence
  • Practicing the Process
  • Deepening the Journey
  • Tasting the Fruits

Today, I am going to talk about Laying the Foundation. In my opinion, there are two main roots in meditation. The first is what we intuit and the second is what science tells us.

What we Intuit:

Take a few moments to reflect using the meditation below:

Think about a time where you felt deep peace.
Imagine all of the sensations (what do you see, hear, and feel?)
Take a mental snapshot of the moment and set it as an anchor.
Stay with…

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