Taking a Risk: Would you take a $30K paycut to learn something new?



In about a week, my life will be completely different. I will no longer be able to tell people “I’m a teacher.” I’ll be living in a different town, with different people. I’ll be driving a different car. Instead of students, I will have clients. I’ll be working Monday through Saturday instead of Monday through Friday. I’ll be spending more, but I’ll be making less: $30,000 less per year. Granted the benefits and pay at this new job are much better than most agencies of this kind and this job title offer, but I keep looking at my life in shock. What happened? This is what I really wanted? Am I really taking a $30 K pay cut to learn something new? For this kind of pay cut, I better have a very stable career after two years, some children’s books published or a Mr. Right that I will meet and marry and then we’ll quit our jobs and go traveling! Haha! Or maybe I’ll just be much better at teaching and much better at meditating and yoga, as I intend to devote a good part of my mornings to it. I admit to being inconsistent with it thus far in my life. I’m more excited that I’ll live in a suite again in a month and that  I met an attorney at a workshop and I’ll be volunteering at this attorney’s office during my spare time after I move down there than I am about the pay cut and the job. I hope to return to teaching after learning for two years at this lower paid job with kids with more challenges, but only time will tell. This is a new adventure and I should be excited, but I find myself worried and stressed instead. I hope I am making the right choice.


PS. It occurs to me if I were taking this large paycut to study and/or teach yoga, I’d have few qualms about it. I definitely need to study yoga after I finish the certification I am currently working on!!!! For now, I just need a more consistent practice/ abhyasa !!!!!!!



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  1. i’m currently working a job that is far below what i was being paid so i do understand about a pay cut, a BIG pay cut. but i have always lived by this saying…i work so i can live and dont live to work.

    • Thanks! I’m going to keep saying that saying to myself so that I can detach! There’s a lot in my new life I am looking forward to….It just comes with a price, as do all things in life.

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