The Power of a Heartfelt Compliment



My friend and I were walking  towards my classroom yesterday afternoon when she suddenly stopped, made eye contact with a security guard and said to her in a loud voice, “YOU SHOULD BE A TEACHER!” In that moment, my friend changed that young woman’s life. I do not know how my friend sensed it or if she had at all, but she had just provided the words of encouragement this younger woman had been needing. The young woman told us she had always wanted to be a teacher but had felt discouraged until that moment we walked by (and looked into her eyes). …Such is the power of acknowledgement!

Today I sat in a coffee shop sipping my coffee when my cell phone rang. I did not recognize the number. It was a coworker who has a friend who is a school principal. He told me he was trying to help his friend recruit good teachers and thought I should talk to his friend. I was extremely touched that this seasoned teacher thought of me (though I have already signed an employment contract in another county). This was a memorable phone call for me because I’m human and like to hear good things about me sometimes.

Have you given or be given a compliment lately? Has a compliment ever changed your life or the life of someone you know?


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