An invitation to all the sunrise-chasers.


elise michelle davis

The thing I like best about the sun is that it doesn’t show off.

NoDak sunset

The sun doesn’t need you to notice it. It just keeps doing its job. Day after day, the same routine. Up and down. Up and down.

The sun won’t make you pay attention to it. It is gentle. You wake up in the morning and it is there. You spend your day doing other things, you eat dinner, and then it is gone. Like the friend who leaves a party before you and doesn’t bother to say goodbye, because you were busy talking to someone, and they didn’t want to interrupt. But it isn’t rude, and neither of you are upset, because tomorrow morning you’ll see each other again.

NoDak sunset

I love that the sun doesn’t get bored of its job. It doesn’t take days off. It doesn’t underperform on days when it is feeling sleepy or…

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