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travelI found myself on a roller coaster ride this week. One moment, I was enjoying my new life and the next I was longing for something more. I told a few people today that I am going to quit my job and my school and just travel for a few months (as a way of meditating). I just want to make a change and take a risk. I want to experience something I have never done, something that I don’t know the ending to…. My mind kept flashing back to a rainy night at a restaurant during which I was on a date and the guy asked me, “What do you want to do with your life?” He complained that he wanted to leave the rat race, that we’re trained to aim for a career and “become someone” all of our lives, but then you get there, and then what? I didn’t get him then but I get him now. Suddenly, I want more to life than just work. One of my friends tonight told me that I needed to face reality, that I need to accept that school districts will never have enough money, we’ll never have enough aides, and so on on so forth….that I need to take it or leave it. … My thoughts are: I don’t need to decide what my next career move is because if I travel, I can face the still unknown while seeing the world. Perhaps I will blow the money I saved up on tuition on some stamps on my passport and perhaps even a yoga program. Why wait until retirement to travel? And why settle down to a career now? I’m single. It’s the best time to travel. My next steps are the create a budget, select my locations, quit school, quit my job and notify my landlord. Then, I can pack up and go. I’ll spend my tuition on travel and then come back figure out the whole career thing later.wanderlust1


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