What is your mindset?


I am on my third week into an eight week methodology course. This week’s video shared by the professor was so interesting to me as both an educator working with kids and also made me reflect about my own mindset. Do I have a fixed or growth mindset? Unfortunately, over the past few years, I believe my mindset has become more and more fixed and I find myself learning less and less as I become more insecure. If a ten year old can be exuberant about failure, I believe so can I. It as this guy describes:  . I believe the American mindset in general is fixed. We, in general, encourage our kids to decide what they “want to be” from an early age and then to pursue it. I recently read a book titled The Geography of Bliss, by Eric Weiner. It’s memoir/ travel journal/ happiness research book of sorts by an American writer who travels the world exploring the various cultures of happiness. He discovers that there are many paths to happiness. One of the places that really captured my attention was Iceland. In the book, he describes the typical Icelandic resume filled with very different jobs and careers and the Icelandic people as being happy and unafraid to fail. The Icelandic attitude is also described in this 2008 article: No wonder Iceland has the happiest people on earth. What mindset do you have? Is it a fixed or growth mindset? If it’s a growth mindset, what challenges have you recently enjoyed? If it’s a fixed mindset, do you intend to change? Why or why not?


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