Different Values


It’s interesting. A couple of my housemates keep trying to talk me into changing careers. They tell me that teaching makes beans and isn’t worth the effort. I find it interesting that people can have such differing takes: In my family teaching is a good job and the average house in my hometown costs around $200,000, but in the neighborhood I now live, $400,000 is a bargain home. The smaller homes around here cost $600,000 to $700,000 and people drive around Porsches because it is a status symbol. And apparently, teachers make beans…The job is not worth the effort. Teaching may not be a worthwhile job to them, but it is to me. You don’t make a lot but you don’t make minimum wage either. I think it is fair. I want to work in a field I enjoy, not one where the money is the goal. Perhaps that makes me narrow-minded and lazy as it is a lot more tiring to do work you don’t enjoy. I know myself and I know I don’t have the energy to do something I don’t love. Maybe if I had a family to support, I’d muster up the energy, but teachers are pretty capable of supporting a family with a little saving so at the moment, a career change seems completely unnecessary.


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