Life is (im)perfect



Photo: A little someone I met during my hike yesterday

And so I settle into yet another chapter of my life, its pages unpenned. I’m not sure where I will end up tomorrow, just as I had no idea what I would be doing today. We can only plan, but not all that is planned will reveal itself as we imagine it. Despite the sadness I feel in what quiet minutes of solitude due to my choice to end any hope of a long term romantic relationship with my most recent boyfriend, I know that I’ve made progress. I am able to accept that life is tragic, wonderful, mysterious, unpredictable, and as it should be. This knowledge gives me the ability to conjure harmony, curiosity and smiles in the smallest of daily marvels.


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  1. i lichen the photo. lol
    nothing lasts. we are to learn from the past, look to the future and live in the present.
    i do miss your posts and wish you would post more frequently. as well as your texts.
    and I do agree with your view of life.

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