A Shift in Paradigm



Read a refreshing blog entry on wordpress in the pre-dawn hours this morning: http://theskooloflife.com/wordpress/life-is-not-a-to-do-list/ . It got me thinking…A dangerous thing, I know! 😉 I the author insightfully imparts that it is much easier to live in the present when you think of your life as a series of experiences rather than a series of to-do’s on a list. I read the article and for the first time in days, instead of getting out of bed and running to my to-do list to get started on it, I got up and I went outside to experience the sunrise followed by a short walk up a hill to see the view and a sit at Starbucks to watch the people and type out this entry. None of these things I’m enjoying today stressed me out as something more to put into my schedule because I thought of each step I took as another experience rather than another to-do. How would your life look differently on paper if it were a list of accomplishments versus a medley of experiences? How would you perceive or live your life differently? Isn’t life richer when you see it as a medley rather than a list? I feel as if the black bag I’ve been wearing over my head and walking around with it on has been lifted and I can actually take in what is around me because my eyes aren’t in the dark/ on a to-do list.


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  1. i have never thought of my life as accomplishments or really experiences but maybe events. yes i may, on some days, have a list of things i should or must do for other living beings depend on some of those things that should be done. yes i have accomplished many things in my life, who doesnt? but i dont check them off when done. maybe a mix is what really happens in life?

    you will excuse me please, as i go experience doing my laundry. 😉

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