My Journey with Writing and Yoga



When I was a girl, I used to love writing. While everyone else played with each other on the playground at recess, I often sat to myself reading or writing. For a number of years now, I have been wanting to get back into my inner child and just write for the pure pleasure. Not long ago, someone told me that she had read that when you write about your daily occurrences and then just keep writing when you are done with that, other things will come out. I am going to start trying to do that. Before I spend any time writing any stories or poems, one of the things I find myself wanting to write about is not any particular story or fairy tale but simply about yoga.

About a week or so ago, a very Christian friend of mine called to ask me to teach her about yoga. She had number of back problems caused by stress and lack of proper breathing which could ideally be “treated”/ prevented by yoga. She acknowledges that she knows that her power would lie in knowledge, as many Christians avoid yoga out of fear of temptation to leave Christ. And there are so many people I have met and read about like these: Farida Hamza, a Muslim yoga teacher described in and Laurette Willette of Oklahoma inventor of Praise Moves, a Christian Yoga Alternative:  I am proud to have a friend who is adventurous to try something new and wise enough to try to learn about it first rather than practice in ignorance as many people do. However, as one who is naturally somewhat open-minded, I have to really think about how to present the concepts of a spiritual philosophy to someone whose philosophy is primarily religious. I believe I will try to begin from a historical perspective, as this site has done: .

In truth, writing about yoga also stems from personal interest. Two Septembers ago, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. Two others enrolled in the program with me. Only one of the three of us finished. Her lovely blog can be found here: It was one of the one most expensive classes I have ever dropped…I am not sure if it is the most expensive class I ever dropped as I have dropped far too many in my life time, but more often than not, I return to it later to try again…and again until success is achieved. I do not intend to return to a yoga teacher certification program until I know without a doubt that I will pass, and so I spend much of my time studying…Only I want to know so much more than what a 200 hour program would teach me! It may be years before I go back to tackle another certification program, I will get there eventually because my goal is not the certification itself but the simple understanding of a philosophy that encompasses both the physical and spiritual world. Perhaps through writing, I can surmise what I have learned.

Yesterday, I went to a free community class that a local studio hosted. I found myself annoyed that the cues weren’t more detailed. For instance, I would not have simply told the students to get up, as the instructor did at one point. I would have made sure they got up from the right side to protect the heart and slowly to avoid dizziness. I would have named each asana in sanskrit and in English so that the students could learn the proper terminology rather than simply giving the cues. I would have emphasized self acceptance of where one is at in one’s practice, as I was sure there were struggling first timers. However, I also know that the class was done exactly how the trendy places do it, purely for the exercise and trendy factor and that is how the other students in there liked it. When I teach yoga one day, I want to make it accessible to all! When I taught yoga at a park for a while, I had a yoga teacher teach me how to create modifications for each body type and age group in my class. I am a long way from feeling ready, but I’ll get there! 🙂


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