Hooray for long weekends!


I stayed up late doing nothing and slept in and don’t even feel guilty about it! I’m smiling and happy for a nice long weekend at home!

Been doing non-student work days. Summer school starts on Monday! I haven’t taught summer school in four or five years and am excited to work with the kids and aides! Been spending lots of time on Pinterest for staff first day gift ideas and on Teachers Pay Teachers for all of their awesome ideas and activities. Summer school is right next to a peaceful park within less than a minute walk from the doorway of summer school classroom!

And now to attempt to satiate my photography addiction…

This has not been the most insightful posting other than being okay with being lazy and sleeping in! Haha! That’s pretty self-accepting. A perk to no kids, no family, no spouse, no pets… That’s something one can tell singles who wish their lives away hoping for date nights! You can sleep in! Haha!


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  1. I hope you enjoy your week end and get out there with your camera and find a ton of things to photograph.

  2. Hi Ann, I am glad you are going to be busy during summer. But I hope you will have lots of time to enjoy the summer too. You are so considerate to think of getting gifts for other staff members. You are such an amazing person.

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