This place can be a soap opera.


Yesterday aide told me student did not have something in her backpack without looking and I took her word for it. Mother was forgiving and aide apologized to both of us for her assumption after I bought up the matter to her. Newest aide seemed uncomfortable. Today, she tells us she can’t lift due to multiple surgeries. After I tried to give her the lightest kids to work with without a successful outcome, I made the call to switch aides. I felt terrible even though it is much safer that we did this because I felt like it was almost age discrimination. She simply couldn’t keep up with the rest of us perhaps due to her age but I could not risk having our kids or her getting her hurt!  I hope she is much happier in her new placement! Some of my aides stayed after work today to report some sexual harassment that occurred between the others. I intend to nip it in the bud first thing in the morning. I will simply pretend like I saw the whole incident and pull the perpetrator aside to speak with. To think, I’m a person who dislikes conflict!!!!!! The adults in my room are so much more work than my actual students!


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