Death Visits


It was Wednesday

I was at work

My phone rang

I picked it up

There was a misunderstanding

But one thing was clear

Death had come by

A few minutes of bewilderment

The phone rang again

The misunderstanding was cleared

Death had come to take you away

It was as they say…

Death knows no dignity

Of all of the scenarios you had thought of, for when Death would come,

You never thought of this one

So many times you cried picturing each painful moment,

But never did you picture this one

Death knows no dignity

You waited so long for Death

And Death waited until now

Even your daughter sat ashen underneath the tree

Twenty six years I looked out my window

At your light

And now I look out at silent darkness

For Death knew no dignity

A poem I wrote about the manner my dear neighbor was found by her daughter on Wednesday. She will truly be missed. I will still be thinking about her every Mother’s Day and when my birthday comes…. When Christmas comes…. We met her on our first night in my hometown in 1989. She invited us in to her home and forced her daughter to share her Barbie collection with me. Only yesterday, I was eating a Klondike bar out of the freezer, one of many things she had passed over the fence to us over the years. She was not a happy woman and lived with much physical and mental pain but she always took the time to show her love and generosity to others.


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