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What would you do if you were given $1 Million?


This question came up in conversation last night. My friend’s answer was to buy a house for his parents, which I found very generous and sweet. At the time, I could not imagine what I would do with money aside from hiring a housekeeper, as I don’t want money. I want time. I think I would buy my parents health insurance. Also, having a chunk of money like that would free me from my student loans which would mean I wouldn’t worry have to worry about playing nice at work. I could have parents petition for things like smaller class sizes and whatnot without caring if I were rehired. I would hire a teacher for piano and for yoga…. Maybe have a sustainable school garden put in for the community.

What would you do if this fantasy of having $1 million dollars became a reality?



These days, I find myself feeling less and less social. I would much rather have more time to work on projects, sleep, read, hike alone with my camera, and practice piano than to go out with anyone. Life is too busy for me.

Blessedly Bored


So lately, I’m feeling bored/ overwhelmed. It may seem contradictory to put these two words together, but for a lifelong procrastinator like myself, it makes perfect sense. I get overwhelmed with simple tasks like laundry and mundane paperwork. And I go off to procrastinate and do a whole lot of lazy things and get bored of doing that because that isn’t what I’d do if I were done with to do’s….I’d be out hiking or exploring! Essentially, I’ve kept myself home daily working and procrastinating and I’m quite bored with it.  I told a friend how I was feeling a bit ago and she introduced me to a method her psychologist friend presented at a workshop: The Two Minute Rule. You work for 2 minutes on what you are procrastinating on and do something else and come back and do another 2 minutes. Eventually, the task becomes small enough to be not overwhelming and you stop procrastinating on it. So, I’m going to give this a try.

In addition, I’ve tried to schedule occasional socializing opportunities as I haven’t found many real connections friend-wise since moving back to my hometown. However, I  tire of socializing in attempts to make connections and lack energy to do so and often flake as a result. The only friends I really feel any deeper connection with live a distance away and are busy with life as they all have kids now. I do have one single friend who lives in a distance away coming to see me tomorrow so that will be nice. We are going to see a ballet. Ballet classes are the closest thing I have to actual socialization outside of work these days. All in all, I feel blessed to have dance, things to be overwhelmed about however mundane and the friends I do have despite the distance! 🙂


What Interests Add Meaning to Your Daily Existence?


Every now and then I get people who ask me why I don’t just put the minimal effort into my work… Why I am not satisfied just having a person hired to provide services and would rather have someone puts in at least 100% effort. Maybe because I like my work! I don’t understand why people keep jobs that they don’t want to put effort into. That seems to be such a complacent lifestyle. I have the luxury of selecting jobs and lifestyles of my choosing and I choose something I want to spend my time doing. I am not egotistical and am fully aware that it is just a job and as such, I am replaceable, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do my best in whatever areas I put my time into inside and outside of work. If I don’t have enough interest to do my best, then maybe it is time to move on. I hate it when people complain about their lives and then make no effort to change their lives and then put me down for my effort. Would you/ Do you/ Have you work(ed) a job you have no interest in and did only the minimal effort? Did/ Do you find it annoying when others do their best?

I recently was sent a documentary preview about a woman who was still playing piano daily at 109 years old. Now, that’s passion! I hope that whatever life you are living, you have found something you have interest/ passion in to make your days more meaningful! What makes your life meaningful to you and what has held your interest over the years?