What Interests Add Meaning to Your Daily Existence?


Every now and then I get people who ask me why I don’t just put the minimal effort into my work… Why I am not satisfied just having a person hired to provide services and would rather have someone puts in at least 100% effort. Maybe because I like my work! I don’t understand why people keep jobs that they don’t want to put effort into. That seems to be such a complacent lifestyle. I have the luxury of selecting jobs and lifestyles of my choosing and I choose something I want to spend my time doing. I am not egotistical and am fully aware that it is just a job and as such, I am replaceable, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do my best in whatever areas I put my time into inside and outside of work. If I don’t have enough interest to do my best, then maybe it is time to move on. I hate it when people complain about their lives and then make no effort to change their lives and then put me down for my effort. Would you/ Do you/ Have you work(ed) a job you have no interest in and did only the minimal effort? Did/ Do you find it annoying when others do their best?

I recently was sent a documentary preview about a woman who was still playing piano daily at 109 years old. Now, that’s passion! I hope that whatever life you are living, you have found something you have interest/ passion in to make your days more meaningful! What makes your life meaningful to you and what has held your interest over the years?


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  1. It’s also not easy, if you enjoy what you are doing and work to your full potential, to work with others who just put in their time. I’ve been criticized more than once for making others look bad because I did my best. Now that I’m retired, I enjoy photography, and other forms of relaxation.

    • Lol! Know what you mean! A co-worker many years ago told me to have myself and my team do less well on our evaluations so that she and her team would look better!

      I am glad you are enjoying your retirement!!!! 🙂

  2. oh this is tough one. it seems that where i work, when the best is done, it is not good enough. i think no matter the job, there will be others that will exceed and those that will just slip by.

    what i might consider my best, may only be just getting by in your eyes and vice versa. self satisfaction may be the only form of satisfaction.

    i think we also get “stuck” in our jobs as we have used the job to live life. you have a plan or at least an idea how to live your life and who am i to say it should be different? i am happy that you are willing to share a bit of your life with me and you let me share a bit of mine with you.

    • I have been at plenty of jobs where my best is not good enough and that is why I leave. However, that was beside the point. The point was that some people would rather we not do our best! Slackers are rewarded in this society and they encourage others to be like them because we are all paid the same in the end. Now, if life/ work were about money, I’d actually care. However, since I am always finding money one way or other and keep my expenses low, and I’ve just never been motivated by money, I do not care what these other people think and find it insulting when they ask me if I ever want to be like them and work less! What’s wrong with doing my best if that’s what I enjoy?!

      I don’t actually have a real long term plan how live my life! Lol! I simply do as I enjoy and it happens to make enough to make ends meet and then some so I am very fortunate. But I am glad I seem well put together to you and am glad to share my time with you and am happy you share your time with me as time is far more valuable than any paycheck!

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