Blessedly Bored


So lately, I’m feeling bored/ overwhelmed. It may seem contradictory to put these two words together, but for a lifelong procrastinator like myself, it makes perfect sense. I get overwhelmed with simple tasks like laundry and mundane paperwork. And I go off to procrastinate and do a whole lot of lazy things and get bored of doing that because that isn’t what I’d do if I were done with to do’s….I’d be out hiking or exploring! Essentially, I’ve kept myself home daily working and procrastinating and I’m quite bored with it.  I told a friend how I was feeling a bit ago and she introduced me to a method her psychologist friend presented at a workshop: The Two Minute Rule. You work for 2 minutes on what you are procrastinating on and do something else and come back and do another 2 minutes. Eventually, the task becomes small enough to be not overwhelming and you stop procrastinating on it. So, I’m going to give this a try.

In addition, I’ve tried to schedule occasional socializing opportunities as I haven’t found many real connections friend-wise since moving back to my hometown. However, I  tire of socializing in attempts to make connections and lack energy to do so and often flake as a result. The only friends I really feel any deeper connection with live a distance away and are busy with life as they all have kids now. I do have one single friend who lives in a distance away coming to see me tomorrow so that will be nice. We are going to see a ballet. Ballet classes are the closest thing I have to actual socialization outside of work these days. All in all, I feel blessed to have dance, things to be overwhelmed about however mundane and the friends I do have despite the distance! 🙂



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