What would you do if you were given $1 Million?


This question came up in conversation last night. My friend’s answer was to buy a house for his parents, which I found very generous and sweet. At the time, I could not imagine what I would do with money aside from hiring a housekeeper, as I don’t want money. I want time. I think I would buy my parents health insurance. Also, having a chunk of money like that would free me from my student loans which would mean I wouldn’t worry have to worry about playing nice at work. I could have parents petition for things like smaller class sizes and whatnot without caring if I were rehired. I would hire a teacher for piano and for yoga…. Maybe have a sustainable school garden put in for the community.

What would you do if this fantasy of having $1 million dollars became a reality?


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  1. i would make sure my mom is taken care of for the rest of her years.
    free myself from my debts as this would, as you say, give me time.
    give to a local food bank as hunger should not happen
    give to a local animal shelter

    • Where would you go and why?

      I’d move somewhere with more yoga teachers and hiking partners….appreciation for the arts! I don’t live in the most health-conscious town. Fast food is huge here.

  2. While I don’t ask myself that question terribly often, I have asked it before.

    My first step would be to donate half of it to charities that I’m involved in. I figure if I’m the beneficiary of good fortune, I should spread it around.

    From there, I would retire a few debts, pay off my sister’s mortgage, and set aside money for my nieces’ education. That way, it would free up some of the day-to-day financial pressures so that I could relax a bit more and enjoy what I am doing rather than worry about the underlying and future financial concerns.

    Oh, I’d treat myself to a nice dinner, too.

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