On Simplifying



I’m a visual person! How about you?

I felt grouchy and overwhelmed, but after a week of Thanksgiving break sleeping in, my bedroom, classroom, staff break room and home desk area are all now decluttered!!! 🙂 I went on my Pinterest and tried to recreate this:


and it ended up turning out like this:


I’d say I need to simplify! As I felt refreshed this week sleeping in, I had all of these books I wanted to read and new projects in my head I wanted to dive into. I even thought about signing back up for my dance classes, as I do miss it. After looking at my To Do List that is currently sans laundry and cooking because I couldn’t bear to write any more onto the board, I am reminded to keep things simple! No more adding to my To Do Tasks/ Projects until I have more completed!

What do you do to keep life simple?



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  1. I had a laugh at seeing your planning board more and more invaded by the ‘ to do ”
    Last week I crawled in my personnel office to transform an avalanche of music sheets just falling from my shelves and succeed after a heroic effort to classify all of them in 3 binders . But I needed a week of rest !
    Love ❤

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