How Do You Feel About Holiday Gift Exchanges?


The holidays are upon us and so too are the holiday gift exchanges! I am participating in two Secret Santas Exchanges thus far, and I do not intend to do any more as I am now thoroughly spent/ broke! Haha!

Do you like Secret Santas? How do you feel about them?

As I participate in these, I’ve had a lot of fun with giving, though not so much fun receiving with the one that is in full swing. I realize that I just simply have everything I want in life and don’t really want any gifts!

So for my second Secret Santa exchange, I requested gifts to charitable organizations and I made a long list I’d like to give to if I had the money. I hoped that others participating would do the same so that it would be a fun giving party. Instead, I see participants posting wishlists filled with frivolous items that one could just walk to store and buy any day: cute purses, fashion scarves, and so on. I feel disappointed and disgusted by this and not so great about being so judgmental and so unholiday-cheerish (Yes, I made that word up). I am (almost?) afraid to show up at this holiday party because I am so disgusted by people and how much they want. It just seems so selfish to me. It seems like all America cares about any more is their pet dogs and cats. They treat animals so well, but their fellow man, let’s shoot or drop a few drones on because Donald Trump will save us all by building a wall on the border. I don’t think I’ll be doing any more Secret Santas.




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  1. i do not participate in the office party or gift exchange etc. i had to the first year i was there as the “newbies” were required to organize and host the party. i had to get “gifts” for the game prizes so i went to the dollar store and got enough dollar items for each person, aprox. 50, so that no one at the party would not go away without a “gift.” most of the gifts were those movable by sunlight “toys” and they were a hit. i bought a t-shirt that looked like i was wearing a santa suit and bought a santa beard etc. no one knew i was doing this. i have not attended the parties since but i am not the only one that does not attend.
    i have much the same feelings as you do.

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