People Do Change


I just finished reading a fascinating article about a young lady who learned through Twitter interactions that people outside her Anti-Semitic, homophobic (and everyone else phobic/ hateful) family and church are just people, not unlike those within her church and family decides to leave her family and church:


I found out about this article from this wordpress:

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  1. that was a very long read. yes people do change, they change all the time. not all change as they stay blind and deaf or a better term is “brain washed”
    as far as i know, jesus did not “hate” anyone and repecered all. he did not judge them but accepted them. what is it about the christian religion that those so fanatic about it can not understand some simple facts. times are not the same as back then. it is the same with the current muslim crisis. fanatics are getting the ear of the world.

    good post

  2. Instead of leaving her family and church this young woman would have made a better job in remaining inside in order to change them from the inside .
    I agree with what buddy 71 says about Jesus .
    In friendship

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