Selfie Time!




Hi! My name is Anne. Thought I would remind you my name since it seems some of my readers forget my name since I don’t have it anywhere on this site. This is what I look like. I don’t generally post my image because I can be very self-critical and envy those who are good at taking narcissistic- I mean, self-portraits. I admire people who just beam without being self conscious, undeterred by the judgment of themselves or others!- Like these people: Sukothai. Everyone looks good with a smile! Here are some links below on selfies. If you have other links or thoughts of interest on selfies, please share!

History of Self Portraits

Other Selfies By Moi


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  1. I am glad to know your name, Anne and to see you . Very nice .
    About going on his way and following the inspiration I think it is wise and this allow to reach unexpected goals .
    Thanks for your wishes , Anne , and merry Cgristmas to you
    Love ❤

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