Guilt Free Holiday Vacation Thoughts


I love this video! It makes me want to go back to dance classes. I keep staring at my schedule today trying to figure out where I could possibly fit dance classes back in knowing full well how stressful it is to be a maximizer. Afterall, even the lady in the video had to put things on hold until her kids and husband were gone before she became an international dance sensation. We have time for only so much at a time.Have I talked myself out of wanting to do more when I’m on vacation and feeling like I have time? We’ll see!


I hope everyone had a very happy holidays. I did! I have gained about ten pounds ย over the holiday season eating whatever I want but I don’t really care. Our weight is supposed to fluctuate. I keep plenty active enough for it to be gone soon enough. I’ve really become self-accepting! I am not perfect and that’s okay. Imperfections open us up to growth!



And now I leave you with another dance video! ๐Ÿ˜€



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  1. just because you might have the time, does not mean you have to pack it full. sometimes having some time NOT doing anything can be energizing as you dont have to worry about having the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the reminder! I would actually rather have time to cook, clean, read, visit family, write, run errands, catch up paperwork if necessary, and practice my yoga and piano than be out dancing every night. It leaves room for things that need attending periodically if the schedule isn’t so full. I do not know why it is hard to accept a less busy life sometimes.

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