Anticipation for July


Been exhausted at work. The end of the school year with all of its deadlines is in sight. I have been anticipating that I be asked to teach summer school. When they do, I will be telling them, “No.” I have been in the process of putting together a trip to Romania and Bulgaria and am very excited! This will be my first trip outside of the country to a continent other than Asia. I am excited to learn new histories, see new sights and taste unfamiliar foods!


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    • Love your newest post, Sarah! I sometimes feel the same way! Hard to slow down and enjoy what we have sometimes. Glad your little dog helps you relax! 🙂 Dogs live in the moment and love so unconditionally!!! I hope you will find the same wonderment for life and unconditional love for yourself as your dog and that you enjoy tending to this love and curiosity for life everyday! 🙂

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  1. Fantastic. Will you go with a group? Hope you enjoy the places you go. Romania has come a long way, and is not considered as much of a poor nation as it was before. Enjoy.

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