Do you ever feel disconnected from the world?

I’m doing well, but I have fears of people being envious of me. I am not sure why I care. One of my closest friends openly said she envied my lifestyle. The truth is, as well as I am doing, I’m too tired to enjoy it on most days.

Last night, I watched a movie called Shelter on Netflix about two homeless people who meet on the streets and get to know one another. It was a very interesting movie. One of my favorite scenes was when the two reveal the truth about their pasts to each other. It really made me think… Who do we really know?



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  1. Who do we REALLY know? No one. If you don’t know yourself, how can you expect to know someone else?
    Have I ever felt disconnected? More than you would know. Sometimes daily. Other times not often enough. Is it a matter of choice? Sometimes. I feel the life I lead I force upon myself and feel others do so too. We gather responsibilities and they cling to us and become difficult to remove. Maybe I’m not selfish enough?
    Good post.

  2. Some months ago I surprised myself to wonder who my grand parents were . I know almost nothing about them . ( probably because I was orphan rather young ) . I made some research but why ? We have only tolive with modesty and try to bring some love. After all is a question of faith and hope.
    Michel ❤

  3. I believe in finding some semblance of happiness by socializing. I just found out that true happiness comes from socializing. You don’t really have to “Know” people but just being with them and laughing and talking for a few minutes, makes you feel better about yourself. That’s what I hear.

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