The Treadmill



Yesterday, the friend I had mentioned in my last post who admitted to being envious of my lifestyle when she learned of my upcoming travel plans told me she was getting a new treadmill that has a thing called “iFit”. She wasn’t sure if it was real because she thought the sales representative on the phone “sounded stoned” but apparently, through the screen displayed on the treadmill, she could run “anywhere in the world.” After a Google search, I decided that this is indeed real. Have you heard of it? Through Google Maps, you can “go” anywhere Google has been. She suggested I get one so I could run with her. My current treadmill is a dust collector so she seemed a little sad when I wasn’t about to buy another dust collector/ toy; especially since I can have a lot more fun visiting these places firsthand. Perhaps that wasn’t the most sympathetic reply! I honestly feel that while this is a cool novelty, it would ruin the experience of going places and seeing it for the first time; especially since the cost of a treadmill and the subscription to this service is probably worth its weight in plane tickets!



Jodi Ettenberg’s Blog about eating street foods around the world and other adventures kept my attention most of the evening.


I haven’t been sleeping well. I’ve been awaking from strange quickly forgotten dreams in the middle of the night. Last night, I woke up and then started looking at travel blogs. I’m not sure what thought process, if any, led me to do that!

IMG_3461-EFFECTS (3)


One of my photos from this morning




I woke up early (right before dawn) and drove out to a patch of wildflowers I’ve been eyeing for the past two springs. I shot some photos on my iPhone and then went to a Starbucks to work on paperwork for work. Whilst there, I listened to music using my earbuds that I purchased last year in Thailand. The earbuds are likely made in China and look just like Apple’s earbuds but have a logo on it: the flag of Cameroon. I had forgotten until this morning I had purchased the earbuds because it was funny to me to buy a Cameroon flag souvenir made in China while roaming Thailand. But before I plugged my ears and got to work, I caught sight of a camera lens. 🙂 Only a few seconds later, the guy with the lens took a sip from it. The guy on the laptop in front of me at Starbucks was using a really cool mug:


If you’re wondering, yes I’m struggling with getting back on track on paperwork. Haha! I’ll get it done! I always do! Hope you are enjoying your day!



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  1. What a neat post. Yes, I have seen the commercials of that treadmill. Usually you have to have them on an incline I think.
    Beautiful photograph of you(?) with the pomegranate, and of the flowers. Wow, for the cup representing the camera lens. How cool!

  2. I agree with you the virtual cannot replace the real . This landscaping treadmill looks a bit like a gadget . But not everyone can afford to visit places over the world .
    I had a smile at reading about your earbuds with flag of Cameroun . Perhaps finally they were made in Korea or Japan .or again, why not? in the USA ? 🙂
    Is really a mug ? Or is it an ancient objective ? Amazing !
    Bravo for your pictures of flowers . This looks like a painting .
    Love ❤

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