Appreciating Mom and All Parts of My Life


So I felt pretty sick the last couple of days and have decided to take the weekend off from work things (except for the brief emails/ texts I’ve done already…Haha!) I am enjoying my weekend! I guess I shouldn’t have waited until I was sick to take a break…

So many exciting things happening in my life right now!

Monday I have arranged therapy dogs to visit our school! I can’t wait to see the kids’ faces!

I have paid for my flights and “hotels” for my summer trip. Now I just need to register for the test I was going to take before my trip! Haha! Priorities!

My music teacher is going to perform in an international competition with his choir with Eric Whitacre! How exciting! If you haven’t heard of him, please google! Definitely worth it to hear his music! He went to college not knowing what he wanted to do and joined a choir “for the chicks” and due to his natural talent is now an internationally renowned composer. You may have seen his TED talks.

I was showered with gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week. Classified Staff Apprieciation Week is coming soon. I want to get the parents to show appreciation to my aides! I need to think of some ideas!

My mom has been a super trooper going hiking with me! We recently did a 9,399 elevation hike. I have done this one several times and it was her first time on this one along with one of my friends. Both of them are in their 60s. I hope I can still hike like them when I’m in my 60s because they were hiking much faster than I was for many parts of the hike!  There are so many peaks and hikes to do in California! An ex of mine gave me this handy link: The Hills are Alive. My mom also cooked, got a splinter out of my wrist and killed a roach for me after the hike! Lol!

And now I’ve done nothing all day today except pinterest random things, pay some online bills, purchase grad gifts for a coworker’s daughters and drink tea! Next, I’m hitting the pizza place and a mall that isn’t as close as I’d like it to be… I’m bringing along a friend for company… Thoughts about this…

My coworker and I sat in the lounge after work on Friday night and talked about how much more enjoyable a solo evening at home in bed with a TV and pet it is than to have human company on most nights of the week. She has a boyfriend who visits her two nights per week. I agreed with her that this is just so much work! I did not share with her my solution to this: Mr Right Now because I am too lazy for a real relationship! I don’t think I have this! My closest friends all would rather spend time with their husbands and children and I don’t blame them, so if I need company, I don’t always do the honorable, unbeknownst to most people who know me. I have struggled with accepting this and decided I really don’t feel guilty because it is better than attempting a relationship -platonic or otherwise and not giving it my 110%. I don’t have the energy for that. I don’t know how people make energy for relationships and family! I don’t think I’m selfish. I just value my sleep!!!! Of course, part of me wonders what it would be like to have long term friends, family and relationship…Maybe even a long term job…. At this point, long term is just a figment of my imagination. I haven’t made the leap yet (aside from financially) and live from one moment to the next.

Off to pizza and malling to return expensive shoes while under the influence of a wealthier-than-me friend, shop for travel and hiking gear, and prep for Mother’s Day! Have a good one! 🙂






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  1. interesting links you supplied. some relationships do take work, others just seem to flow. or work without a lot of effort on either parties part. as for your temp stuff…. im not sure what to think.

    • I like to read about things like that… Right now I am thinking about buying one of Duana Welch’s books after hearing a podcast she did on the evolution of how people select mates, how the this process has been shaped over hundreds of years of our evolution.

      I have never heard of a good long term relationship of any kind that didn’t take work! Are you saying you have never had a disagreement with even your closest friends?! If an individual has inner conflict, which we all do, there has to be outer conflict. And you have to make effort to keep in touch with yourself and those close to you, to spend quality time with yourself and those close to you. I can guarantee you the people spending time on the phone with their long distance friends are closer to those friends much longer than those who stop talking to those friends who move away because it takes work to have something worthwhile which is why my temp stuff is temp. If it is effortless, it isn’t worth it. I have a friend who has been happily married for over thirty years. Her husband happily reports that giving her massages is his second job so they do spend a ton of quality time together. I have friends who are divorced who report how little quality time they spent together. I guess my temp stuff is an indication of lack of balance in my life. I don’t know how to make time for other people and myself right now. I haven’t even told my boss about my summer plans to travel and have heard from at least one person that she expects me to work and I continue with my plans since she has not expressed this to me.

      I agree with you that some relationships do take less effort. For example, I do notice that relationships with people with less social cues such as those with Aspergers can take a lot more work. Anyhow, that is life. Sometimes we are more balanced and sometimes we are not.

      Do you listen to audibles? I am thinking about subscribing. You commute a lot… Audibles would be handy for reading while driving. Would you consider your current life balanced and by what indications?

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      • balance. time. work. all are intertwined. all are individualized to who we are and all those may be ok for only who we are and not be ok for others. balance is flowing, fluid, and in constant flux. to be honest, i dont really spend much time thinking or worrying about it. as for relationships , it seems to me that each and every person need to be on the same page, at least most of the time, for it to work. what may work for one, may not work for others, but some sort of understand has to occur for all involved to be content. yes some take more effort but to me, that effert should be shared or at least accepted if not “balanced” for one to continue in the relationship, be it romantic or platonic. sometimes it takes me a bit of time to realize that others do not want to have a “relationship” with me, no matter how much i want one with them. balance, i feel , is not always well, balanced. we slip from side to side. instead of balance, how about using contentment? are you content? how about choice? do you chose to be doing what you are doing and how you are? you chose a path or direction to hopefully make you happy. if ir doesnt, we can change that path. if along the way, our can also make others happy or will follow us, then things are good. we should please ourselves if we are to please others. yes i commute way too much, and during that time i listen to the radio for traffic and news, mostly. something that does not distract me too much. lol i am also lost in my thoughts. music also helps to pass the time and keeping an eye out for photo chances. is my life balanced? am i content? yes and no. as i feel both are fluid, at any given moment i am and i am not. i just try not to dwell on it or maybe let it free by writing or photographing. i am not always successful but that moment in time will pass and i can make a choice to follow which path i want to explore.

      • Ha. Guess I forgot some key words when I asked about your life. I meant “right now” as in ” in this moment”… And you are right! Even if we feel one way in one moment, we may not feel that way in the next! At the moment, I am quite content! Thanks for asking, my friend! I hope you are content as well and if you aren’t, that you will be very soon! Happy Mother’s Day to the llama mama!!!!

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  2. Your mother is a brave trooper. Happy Day to her.
    About your life choices everyone is free “to make his bed as he wants to bed”. But we must also think of the up coming solitude, evil of the century.
    Love ❤

  3. Yay for your mom. Time was, when I had my own knee on the left side, and didn’t have all that excruciating pain post tennis games, I used to hike and jog and walk miles on end. Now the thought of climbing a flight of stairs makes me groan! 😉
    While I agree with you about the independence and all, you have to think about the loneliness of getting old and not having anyone around. I am sure you are very happy when you are with your mother and vice versa. May be you have nieces and nephews whom you love a lot. That will be okay. SO yeah, being independent, and not having to share a bed with someone who snores or uses the same bathroom as you, would probably make you think twice.
    Sorry for being so blunt.

    • Maybe I just haven’t met the right snorer yet! That’s the fun in life. One just doesn’t know how the story ends.

      My mother has knee pains as well. I am worried I will have pain too one day so I want to hike while I can. What do you do for you knee pain? Any recommendations?

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