The Unknown



The school year draws to an end once more. There are 3.5 days left and I am feeling euphoric.

Tonight I attended a district recognition dinner. One of the employees is retiring after a staggering 41 years! I can not imagine staying any one place so long but who knows?

I am enjoying the end of this school year as I see so many unforeseen occurrences yet to come! I am excited  by the unpredictability of life!

This year, I ran my first 10 k and then stopped exercising. Yikes! Need to get back on that…. I got closer to my immediate family by spending time with them. This is the year that my class got so large in numbers, it was split mid-year, which has never happened to me! I thought people didn’t listen to teachers but my principal stepped in and helped us split up several classes and hired new teachers! How refreshing to see there are still bosses out there who care! I will miss him!!!! This year, I made a ton of progress with piano by quitting dance… I just need to do some other form of exercise now or go back… I actually said “No” to tutoring which I have never done. Saying “No” to something was a milestone for me. I wanted more time for me and less tutoring other people’s kids… This is the year that we got a grant to start a school garden. I was denied this opportunity at the last school I was at… My mom started a new job after quitting the job she had since I was in third grade. My brother and his girlfriend moved in together. My neighbor of over two decades passed away. My bestie gave birth to her second child. And that my mom started hiking with me. What is next? I can hardly wait to find out what unfolds in the next year!

What unexpected things happened in the last year in your life? Do the unknown parts of life excite you too?




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  1. Wow! Congratulations for the accomplishments!
    I know how hard it is to leave something you have loved or to say “No” to something that you would always say yes to.
    Even though you love teaching (which is something I love to do as well), you have to make time for yourself to breath, relax and enjoy life.
    Congratulations to you mother for starting a new job, to your brother who moved in with his girlfriend and to your bestie who gave birth to her second child.

    In this past year, many things have happened in my life as well. I decided that teaching is harder then it seems, so I changed my path and decided to become a daycare educator. I start school in August. I am so excited 🙂 My boyfriend and I also decided we were going to move out together by the end of this year. I also can’t wait for that 🙂

    I hope this rest of the year is filled with happiness and love. 🙂 Have a great summer! 🙂

  2. Good for you Ann. Such accomplishment, from the beginning of the post to the end! Way to go!
    Nothing exciting has happened with me. Oh actually, I went to North Carolina all by myself and attended a Writers Conference in the mountains. I started back on golf. That is a huge biggie for me. Loving it. My grandson, my first prince, graduates from high school tomorrow. He has a fantastic scholarship to Science and Technology at Rolla MO, where he will do engineering.
    Loving life.

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