Do you ever feel like your work life is more rewarding and engaging than your personal life?


Do you ever feel like your work life is more rewarding and engaging than your personal life? My brother says he finds both boring! Yikes! I guess I have at least one part of my life engaging for me! Aside from my morning yoga practice, I don’t look forward to much outside of work. Time to spice it up and make some changes! 😀 Suggestions?


By the way, I know this is a short post, but I just posted three blogs to catch up for my lack of blogging on my foodtrek website. Hope all is well out there with you and yours! Happy Lunar New Year!


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  1. from what i know about you, you do some cool things away from work. im sorry you dont find your out of work life engaging. what do you expect? what do you feel you are missing? what are you expecting from your life or just life in general? you do a lot more than i do.

    • I schedule those little vacations because I find it very difficult to leave work on a daily basis. I could work all day everyday and it takes a good amount of effort for me to not work. Work is what excites me because there is where I can find some illusion of innovation, structure and control. There is always more to make and plan for work. It just feels more meaningful!

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  2. I often skip walks with my own mother because I am busy with work things! Isn’t that terrible? I like to work so I need to develop the other parts of my life more! Yes, I already do a lot but not on regular week days and on most weekends! So many lesson plans to get to! I need to keep looking forward to and appreciating things in my life!

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