Monthly Archives: November 2019

Grateful for Drowsy Dreamy Weather


Today was maybe the third day in a row when Morning shrouded my part of the world in a thick calm  sluggish fog. I felt happy to walk amongst old oaks and mists. I move slow like the crawling mists these days and like the fog, I am gone by noon. Ready to curl up and slumber. I wish I had more energy, but as it is, I am thankful for a hopefully lackadaisical long weekend. Where the fog will lead me this weekend is a mystery, but I am content to loiter and deliberate each imperceptible movement. 


Happy Veteran’s Day!

A Different Type of Airstream Restoration


I can’t believe my last post was in June, almost five months ago.

About an hour ago, my cousins arrived to visit me in my latest home. They saw my charming tiny house and said, “You should start a blog!” For the last few months, I’ve been buried in work and drudgery. Their comment was a reminder of the various nicer reasons I moved here.

On that note, maybe I will start a vlog….

It might keep my mind off of work and career goals for a few minutes per day. I had the idea to start one when I first moved here but sort of forgot the idea when I got buried by work. It’s actually made me feel rather down: like life is meaningless and I am a robot just working. Someone from work actually called me last night to say I looked depressed! I had actually been working on my laptop at home on paperwork and did not even remember feeling depressed and told her I was fine. I have been sick lately… Clearly not a robot…. Or maybe I am a robot with a virus. Haha.

So my thought when I first moved here before the s*&% hit the fan, was that I would start a vlog on with daily yoga sequences in my silver cottage I am renting. I even googled “Yoga in an Airstream” to see if anyone had done it yet. There are one or two others who had the idea before me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do a vlog too. My cyber yoga studio…. What will I call it?

Finally! Something exciting to focus on outside of work!

Vlog Name Ideas:

-Silver Cottage Samadhi

-Silver Santosa

-Silver Satya

-Silver Cottage Contentment

-Silver Cottage Connection

-Tiny House Yoga

-Land Yacht Yoga… I think I like this one: The Land Yacht Yoga Studio. I don’t know how long it will last but the uncertainty is part of the phone. Enjoy it for now…the moment.airstream book

I am looking forward to reclaiming my time/ life/ mind a few minutes at a time each day.

What are you looking forward to today?