My New Year’s


Sitting at the enormous dark brown wooden table with its two candelabras with droplets and rivulets of  dried wax melted around it, a christmas cactus in full bloom, a poinsettia in it’s tabletop planter wrapped in crinkled red Christmas paper, an amaryllis shooting up from a green sphere on a water-filled glass bowl, and bright yellow sunflowers gracing one of the many glossy handmade ceramic vases in the house all watching me at the table is how I spent my day with my laptop as I concentrated on catching up with all of my To-Do’s today. I decided to make a quiet walk outdoors the highlight of my day. I walked a few blocks down to Sinceretea, a tea shop with the cutest name and decor. I like to walk there to buy tea and walk around with a warm cup of tea in my hands. A single small cup of rose green tea is $4.99, so it’s not a habit I partake in every day. As I walked about, I looked at all of the Christmas lights that were still up. I passed a van dweller watching TV in the back of his van. I passed a blue tarp with a light under it: clearly occupied, as well. I passed many quaint century-old million dollar homes, some with a with Gothic towers and stained glass windows, and modern apartments that I can’t afford. I looked at flyers advertising concerts in storefronts  and eyed sushi menus on the sidewalk. I walked into a small grocery market to buy some sweets to go with my tea. After some perusing, I settled on guava-flavored cookies from Hawaii. I had eaten cookies from this brand before but have certainly never heard of guava-flavored cookies, which tasted surprisingly like sugar cookies with a shot of guava flavor. I walked many couples and single people walking their dogs.

A lot of people seemed a bit surprised that I didn’t spend my entire vacation in SoCal with my family and friends. While I enjoyed the days I spent down there, for whatever reason, these quiet days doing yoga in my silver cottage in NorCal, going for walks and sitting at the big wooden table in my rental’s shared space is something to which I have looked forward. Just slowed-down time to do simple things like laundry, listen to the bird building her nest in the yard, perusing the neighborhood Little Free Library boxes, looking at the shadows of flamingo lawn ornaments, reading in bed, writing…. It’s hard to explain…. It’s not that I don’t miss everyone… I do…. But something about being in my own world is so comforting….

Whatever you choose to enjoy this 2020, I hope you love every moment of it! Happy New Year!

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  1. Those who were surprised that you did not spend more time in SoCal may not understand you well. I’m glad you’re finding quiet time for yourself and that you enjoy it.

  2. Sounds like the best of both worlds – time to socialize and time to be with yourself. Guava must be the “in” flavor as Sparky just bought guava snack cakes. Who knew guava would make it to the big time. Maybe pomegranate is fading now…

  3. Oh, I loved the walk and the observations! I frequently find the temporary shelters of people tucked into the brush along my mountain bike trails in the Santa Ana River area too. I respectfully keep my distance for reasons of consideration…consideration for their need for privacy and my need not to smell their privy. Some of the camps are tidy but most are just huge trash middens that they abandon after a few weeks and leave for someone else to clean up…Oh, I guess that would be me!
    It’s good to have purpose in life!
    Thanks for attracting me to your site with your comment on mine. I’m always looking for interesting blogs.

  4. How did i miss this beautiful post? It is so comforting to read, and the softness of your words is like rain on a hot sunny day. Love your wordage. Sorry i missed it.

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