The Unknown



The school year draws to an end once more. There are 3.5 days left and I am feeling euphoric.

Tonight I attended a district recognition dinner. One of the employees is retiring after a staggering 41 years! I can not imagine staying any one place so long but who knows?

I am enjoying the end of this school year as I see so many unforeseen occurrences yet to come! I am excited  by the unpredictability of life!

This year, I ran my first 10 k and then stopped exercising. Yikes! Need to get back on that…. I got closer to my immediate family by spending time with them. This is the year that my class got so large in numbers, it was split mid-year, which has never happened to me! I thought people didn’t listen to teachers but my principal stepped in and helped us split up several classes and hired new teachers! How refreshing to see there are still bosses out there who care! I will miss him!!!! This year, I made a ton of progress with piano by quitting dance… I just need to do some other form of exercise now or go back… I actually said “No” to tutoring which I have never done. Saying “No” to something was a milestone for me. I wanted more time for me and less tutoring other people’s kids… This is the year that we got a grant to start a school garden. I was denied this opportunity at the last school I was at… My mom started a new job after quitting the job she had since I was in third grade. My brother and his girlfriend moved in together. My neighbor of over two decades passed away. My bestie gave birth to her second child. And that my mom started hiking with me. What is next? I can hardly wait to find out what unfolds in the next year!

What unexpected things happened in the last year in your life? Do the unknown parts of life excite you too?



Wheel of Life


Monetary success is not success. Career success is not success. Life, someone that loves you, giving to others, doing something that makes you feel complete and full. That is success. And it isn’t dependent on anyone else. – James Avery

It’s another long weekend which means time to blog!!!!!!!!! 🙂

pooh smallest things

My latest link to share: You Won’t Find Your Calling in Ego-Based Learning

The premise: The best learning isn’t the required content of school or what we study for career success. The deepest learning comes from the learning with intrinsic value… Something I believe I don’t put enough time into because pursuing career and monetary success comes much easier to me.

Things that remind me of impermanence lately:

  • The announcement that my principal is moving on to greener pastures. I will be forever grateful for what he did to create a happy work environment! We are all worried of possible impending changes…
  • My sister’s boss became Fire Department Chief only to pass away a week later! Goes to show you that career success means so little.
  • My BFF’s oldest turned 3 last Tuesday and we had a big birthday party for her on Saturday. Time changes everything.

Somehow, we have to make time for the things that have intrinsic value to us… What do you do to make time for those worthwhile parts of your life outside of everyday work? Does setting boundaries between Work Life and Outside of Work Life come easily to you?

lucky pooh


Grandpa Pushed Grandma out of the way Before Getting run Over Himself. Meet ‘The Hero’ — Kindness Blog


A man was severely injured after being struck by an alleged drunk driver. Max Green, 85, of Pima, was nearly across the street with his wife, Nathalene Green, 83, when he saw the van coming and bravely pushed Nathalene out of the way, sacrificing himself to save her. Nathalene got knocked to the ground, but […]

via Grandpa Pushed Grandma out of the way Before Getting run Over Himself. Meet ‘The Hero’ — Kindness Blog

Appreciating Mom and All Parts of My Life


So I felt pretty sick the last couple of days and have decided to take the weekend off from work things (except for the brief emails/ texts I’ve done already…Haha!) I am enjoying my weekend! I guess I shouldn’t have waited until I was sick to take a break…

So many exciting things happening in my life right now!

Monday I have arranged therapy dogs to visit our school! I can’t wait to see the kids’ faces!

I have paid for my flights and “hotels” for my summer trip. Now I just need to register for the test I was going to take before my trip! Haha! Priorities!

My music teacher is going to perform in an international competition with his choir with Eric Whitacre! How exciting! If you haven’t heard of him, please google! Definitely worth it to hear his music! He went to college not knowing what he wanted to do and joined a choir “for the chicks” and due to his natural talent is now an internationally renowned composer. You may have seen his TED talks.

I was showered with gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week. Classified Staff Apprieciation Week is coming soon. I want to get the parents to show appreciation to my aides! I need to think of some ideas!

My mom has been a super trooper going hiking with me! We recently did a 9,399 elevation hike. I have done this one several times and it was her first time on this one along with one of my friends. Both of them are in their 60s. I hope I can still hike like them when I’m in my 60s because they were hiking much faster than I was for many parts of the hike!  There are so many peaks and hikes to do in California! An ex of mine gave me this handy link: The Hills are Alive. My mom also cooked, got a splinter out of my wrist and killed a roach for me after the hike! Lol!

And now I’ve done nothing all day today except pinterest random things, pay some online bills, purchase grad gifts for a coworker’s daughters and drink tea! Next, I’m hitting the pizza place and a mall that isn’t as close as I’d like it to be… I’m bringing along a friend for company… Thoughts about this…

My coworker and I sat in the lounge after work on Friday night and talked about how much more enjoyable a solo evening at home in bed with a TV and pet it is than to have human company on most nights of the week. She has a boyfriend who visits her two nights per week. I agreed with her that this is just so much work! I did not share with her my solution to this: Mr Right Now because I am too lazy for a real relationship! I don’t think I have this! My closest friends all would rather spend time with their husbands and children and I don’t blame them, so if I need company, I don’t always do the honorable, unbeknownst to most people who know me. I have struggled with accepting this and decided I really don’t feel guilty because it is better than attempting a relationship -platonic or otherwise and not giving it my 110%. I don’t have the energy for that. I don’t know how people make energy for relationships and family! I don’t think I’m selfish. I just value my sleep!!!! Of course, part of me wonders what it would be like to have long term friends, family and relationship…Maybe even a long term job…. At this point, long term is just a figment of my imagination. I haven’t made the leap yet (aside from financially) and live from one moment to the next.

Off to pizza and malling to return expensive shoes while under the influence of a wealthier-than-me friend, shop for travel and hiking gear, and prep for Mother’s Day! Have a good one! 🙂





The Treadmill



Yesterday, the friend I had mentioned in my last post who admitted to being envious of my lifestyle when she learned of my upcoming travel plans told me she was getting a new treadmill that has a thing called “iFit”. She wasn’t sure if it was real because she thought the sales representative on the phone “sounded stoned” but apparently, through the screen displayed on the treadmill, she could run “anywhere in the world.” After a Google search, I decided that this is indeed real. Have you heard of it? Through Google Maps, you can “go” anywhere Google has been. She suggested I get one so I could run with her. My current treadmill is a dust collector so she seemed a little sad when I wasn’t about to buy another dust collector/ toy; especially since I can have a lot more fun visiting these places firsthand. Perhaps that wasn’t the most sympathetic reply! I honestly feel that while this is a cool novelty, it would ruin the experience of going places and seeing it for the first time; especially since the cost of a treadmill and the subscription to this service is probably worth its weight in plane tickets!



Jodi Ettenberg’s Blog about eating street foods around the world and other adventures kept my attention most of the evening.


I haven’t been sleeping well. I’ve been awaking from strange quickly forgotten dreams in the middle of the night. Last night, I woke up and then started looking at travel blogs. I’m not sure what thought process, if any, led me to do that!

IMG_3461-EFFECTS (3)


One of my photos from this morning




I woke up early (right before dawn) and drove out to a patch of wildflowers I’ve been eyeing for the past two springs. I shot some photos on my iPhone and then went to a Starbucks to work on paperwork for work. Whilst there, I listened to music using my earbuds that I purchased last year in Thailand. The earbuds are likely made in China and look just like Apple’s earbuds but have a logo on it: the flag of Cameroon. I had forgotten until this morning I had purchased the earbuds because it was funny to me to buy a Cameroon flag souvenir made in China while roaming Thailand. But before I plugged my ears and got to work, I caught sight of a camera lens. 🙂 Only a few seconds later, the guy with the lens took a sip from it. The guy on the laptop in front of me at Starbucks was using a really cool mug:


If you’re wondering, yes I’m struggling with getting back on track on paperwork. Haha! I’ll get it done! I always do! Hope you are enjoying your day!




Do you ever feel disconnected from the world?

I’m doing well, but I have fears of people being envious of me. I am not sure why I care. One of my closest friends openly said she envied my lifestyle. The truth is, as well as I am doing, I’m too tired to enjoy it on most days.

Last night, I watched a movie called Shelter on Netflix about two homeless people who meet on the streets and get to know one another. It was a very interesting movie. One of my favorite scenes was when the two reveal the truth about their pasts to each other. It really made me think… Who do we really know?


10—-7 Things You Didn’t Know about Me


10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Property Brothers


Recently, NPR’s news gameshow guest starred the two younger Scott Brothers, during which they revealed to audience members random facts about them: they are identical twins, they play the bagpipes, live in the same house, sleep in the same room in bunk beds…. I thought these random facts/ stories about them made them more memorable which got me to thinking if I could think of any unique positive stories to tell about me! Can I be memorable? Let’s see! Here goes!

  1. The funnest thing I ever did was quit my job and go traveling! During a long layover in Taiwan, a Cambodian American kid and I spent the evening in the airport taking random selfies in every spot in the airport we could find. I spent a month in Asia traveling by taxi and train without knowing the language(s). I was laughed at by a monk, hitchhiked from a waterfall back to town, saw gibbons, hundreds of butterflies mating, a crocodile, macaws, bats porcupines and monkeys in the wild and visited an elephant hospital. This experience spurred me to go back to work to save up for more traveling. What’s the funnest thing you ever did?
  2. I was a nerd in elementary and middle school. I would spend my recesses reading and writing stories. My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher because he would let me sit at his library and read. He was the first person I felt truly believed in me. I still remember him writing on my report card, “The sky is the limit for Anne.” At the time, I had no idea what those words meant. I think my life would have been very different without his kindness and patience. What were you like as a kid?
  3. As teenagers, my first boyfriend and I went to Santa Barbara and eloped. Needless to say, we were much too young. I can only say that, to a certain extent, I enjoy making mistakes. It makes life more messy and unpredictable. Perfection is boring. Do you enjoy making mistakes or getting lost?
  4. The earliest memory I have is holding my grandma’s hand at the hospital on the day my brother was born. I have no memories of life before my brother and am thankful we get along today since it was a struggle during our early years. What is your earliest memory?
  5. I learned how to tie my shoelaces from my grandfather on one of his infrequent visits from China. When he heard that I had not yet learned how to tie my shoelaces, he set about to teach me with determination! 🙂 Is there anyone important to you who you remember teaching you something new when you were little?
  6. In 2007?, my then mother-in-law asked me to submit some photos to the local fair. To my surprise, I ended up winning first place for a close up of a flower in the Flower Division and third place for a close up of ice cubes in the Macro Division. I also chose an abstract photo of fireworks with the exposure too long on my camera that my sister shot and it won third place in the abstract division. For a few years after this, people would pay me to shoot their events. What was something you did that surprised you?
  7. I learned how to ride a bike on my own during my late 20s. I walked to Walmart and purchased a bike and decided I would ride it home even if it took me hours to learn. What was something you set out to learn later in life?

I’m stopping at 7 because I can’t think of anything else! Help jog my mind! Looking forward to seeing your answers and questions!

Anticipation for July


Been exhausted at work. The end of the school year with all of its deadlines is in sight. I have been anticipating that I be asked to teach summer school. When they do, I will be telling them, “No.” I have been in the process of putting together a trip to Romania and Bulgaria and am very excited! This will be my first trip outside of the country to a continent other than Asia. I am excited to learn new histories, see new sights and taste unfamiliar foods!